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Sean Brian Ashline Foundation

Sean Brian Ashline was a strong-willed young man, well-known for his excitement to go above and beyond in helping everyone he could. Throughout his life, Sean battled with mental illness which enabled him to develop compassion for everyone else who faced these hardships. Sean attended FlexTech, a school designed to suit students' needs through project-based learning allowing individuals who may not thrive in the traditional public school environment to excel and establish healthy goals for the present and future after graduation.


The Sean Brian Ashline Foundation (hereinafter "SBAF") a 501(c)(3) organization was established in 2022 to honor Sean's memory and create a pathway to enrich the lives of individuals who need support in advocating for themselves in adulthood. SBAF offers financial support to students who need an alternative to traditional college, including scholarships for post-secondary education, trade programs, and certificate programs. 


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